Project Overview

The new challenges to critical infrastructure created by the construction of cyberspace. In addition to the traditional requirements for safety and sustainability of power systems are increasingly apparent. It is now necessity to assure the security and sustainability of all cyber-based functionalities. This is a challenge with no precedent. It is a reality of structure and process for 21st century critical infrastructure – as it is for infrastructure everywhere, including Abu Dhabi.

This project concentrated on generation, management and sharing of knowledge to enhance understanding of the emerging area of smart grid safety, sustainability and security in a complex context. Specific deliverables include:

  • Construction of a system-of-systems framework to address sustainability issues and situate cyber domain for power systems,
  • Identification and generic characterization of the smart grid domain,
  • Development of high-level and detailed ontology/taxonomy for representing and managing relevant knowledge,
  • Visualization of the smart grid and cyber sustainability and security framework using “best tools” software,
  • Connecting SCADA system analysis to an overarching NIST- based smart grid for power systems “model”,
  • Exploration and analysis of a select few use-cases to illustrate operational utility of deliverables, and
  • Providing an operational method and approach for future analysis of smart grids of power systems.

This project falls under Masdar Institute’s research focus themes of systems analysis and electrical power transmission and distribution.

MIT co-Principal Investigator: Professor Nazli Choucri.
Masdar Institute co-Principal Investigator: Professor Sameh El Khatib.