The overall mission is to 

  1. Facilitate selection and diffusion of peer-reviewed knowledge about sustainability, signaling cutting-edge analysis, innovative technologies, and multidisciplinary knowledge; 
  2. Enhance knowledge sharing through customized search engines, operating on a quality-controlled multilingual knowledge system, to track sustainability issues and technology policy, and strategy options; 
  3. Reduce barriers to sustainability-related knowledge by supporting multilingual versions.

Specific Objectives

  1. Conceptual and Scientific
    1. Improve understanding of sustainability issue
    2. Contribute to the formation of system-wide sustainability models
    3. Facilitate access to cutting edge research
  2. Participation and Communication
    1. Support integrated perspectives on sustainability
    2. Represent diverse perspectives and differing priorities
    3. Contribute to sustainability research and education
  3. Policy and Decision
    1. Enhance analytical and computational methods to support policy choices
    2. Explore alternative pathways toward sustainability
    3. Identify trade-offs, policies, and choices
  4. International Collaboration
    1. Pursue strategic international collaboration
    2. Identify synergy among international initiatives