The ontology details the organization of the content of types of human activities and framing these in terms of different domains of human activity – from the most general level of aggregation to the most specific granularity for individual components or manifestations.


  1. Demographic domain 
    1. Population Dynamics
    2. Urbanization
    3. Migration and Dislocation
    4. Consumption Patterns
    5. Unmet Basic Needs
  2. Energy and natural resource domain 
    1. Energy Sources and Uses

    2. Forest and Land Uses
    3. Water Sources and Uses

    4. Agricultural and Rural Activities
  3. Technology-centered domain 
    1. Trade and Finance

    2. Industry and Manufacturing
    3. Mobility and Transport
  4. Domains of decisions and choices 
    1. Conflict and War
    2. Governance and Institutions

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