The ECIR Research Agenda is organized around five major research challenges and serves as a guide for the results presented in the individual sections below.

1. FrameworkFoundations for Theory and Policy: Constructing the overarching framework essential for capturing interactions between the cyber and the physical arenas, and for clarifying how the “pieces” generate a view of the “whole.” The framework is the anchor for the ECIR investigations, i.e. the reference for, and convergence of, all research projects.
2. Cyber Power and Cyber Security: Control Point Analysis: Exploring cyber power and control, people and messaging, key features of cyber security threats to security and impacts of social media on power relations.
3. Cyber Governance: How the Cyber System is Structured and Disciplined: Mapping and analyzing diverse modes of private and public authority managing the cyber domain, emergent cyber norms, and resilient mechanism design.
4. Alternative Futures: Drivers of Change: Designing potential futures for cyberspace and international relations, potential structure and process, and the underlying governance principle.
5. Cross Cutting Themes: Three cross cutting themes help anchor ECIR contributions to the Minerva Program.