Navigation and search mechanisms operate over the GSSD knowledge base. The knowledge base itself is initially generated through prior (screened) selection of quality-controlled materials.

  1. Graphic navigation options consist of three mechanisms enabling users to:
    1. Search by slice focusing on subject, topic, or issue (e.g., energy, population, etc.)
    2. Search by ring focusing on activity, problem or solution type (i.e., specific socio-economic problems, such as distorting effects of energy subsidies, specific technical intervention, etc.)
    3. Search by cell focusing on the intersection of a specific slice and ring (e.g., scientific and technical solutions to sustainable forest use)
  2. Text based options consist of two mechanisms:
    1. Simple search – user-defined text search (e.g., China, energy, population) including term weighting
    2. Advanced search – user-specified selection of criteria from a complex menu of choices (such as China, solar energy, imports from Japan, concessional rates, for rural use in Northeast China) along with the above text search options.

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