Final Report: MIT-Harvard Collaboration, 2009–2014

The activities of the ECIR initiative did not generate one single result, rather a set of distinct multidisciplinary findings, jointly contributing to the overarching objectives outlined in the Research Agenda. The project has concluded in year 2015. 

The Final Report of the MIT – Harvard University Project on Explorations in Cyber International Relations highlights the major research results, the production of knowledge materials, the development of shared resources, the education of students, researchers, and policy analysts, as well as a range of related outputs. This Report is framed in summary form, with direct reference to the lead researcher(s). All source documents referred to in this Report are available on the ECIR web site. Finally, by necessity this Report captures the most significant, but not all, of the results of ECIR to date. Our purpose here is to be as inclusive as possible, without claiming to be exhaustive. The Appendix presents supporting materials and added information.

Table of Contents

Section Description Link
Part I. Brief Overview pdf
1.      Scientific and Technical Objectives  
2.      Approach and Methods  
3.      Concise Accomplishments  
Part II. Scientific and Technical Results pdf
4.      Framework: Foundations for Theory and Policy  
5.      Cyberpower, Cybersecurity, and Cyber Conflicts  
6.      Cyber Governance: How the Cyber System is Structured and Disciplined?  
7.      Alternative Futures: Cyberspace and International Relations  
8.      Cross Cutting Issues: Domain Ontology for Complex Systems  
Part III. Expanded Accomplishments pdf
9.      Production of Knowledge Materials  
10.      Education of Students, Researchers, Policy Analysts  
11.      Sharable Resources, Analytical Models, and New Tools  
12.      ECIR Policy Outreach  
13.      Relevance to Minerva Priorities  
14.      Collaboration with Business and Industry  
       End Note  
1. Production of New Knowledge Materials. pdf
2. Book Published: Cyberpolitics in International Relations pdf
3. Book Completed: ECIR Studies-Cyberspace and International Relations pdf
4. Book Completed: The Co-Evolution Dilemma: Cyberspace and International Relations pdf
5. Report on Perspectives of Cybersecurity link pdf
6. ECIR Workshops link pdf
7. MIT &  Harvard Policy Seminar link pdf

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