The complexity of cyberspace and international relations requires a multidisciplinary global approach for assisting stakeholders – everyone including governmental, scientific and industrial stakeholders to (a) share a common understanding of the challenges, (b) access to relevant knowledge bases, and (c) share the expertise and perspectives. All of this must take place in what is, in effect, "real time."

Domains and Dimensions

CSSD is anchored Cyber-IR is embedded in a broader context of world politics at a high level. A generic and simplified view of the ontology system is shown below


Each domain is differentiated into four dimensions as follows, as shown in Figure below

Combined Domains and Dimensions

Jointly the domains and dimensions jointly generate:

  1. multidimensional perspective for each domain,
  2. cross-domain views of the individual dimensions
  3. detailed views of substantive feature for domains and dimensions

CSSD seeks to provide more focused (and smaller volume) of organized content with high quality, supported by intellectual coherence and reliable knowledge and tracking methods. Diverse users have different purposes, capabilities, missions, and priorities, with goals and at different levels of development